The n x n identity matrix

The n x n identity matrix

Once upon a time, there lived a happy I,
a matrix of dimension so well known,
that often abbreviated they were – of n by n form

And through such a boring life it commuted,
and such happy ignorance it possessed,
that it considered itself,
an inverse of its own

Many were the friends of I that had an eye for our I,
and many liked to multiply,
of which I wouldn’t mind: neither left nor right,
and even liked, sometimes, to have a transposed delight

And little could our I know
that it couldn’t leave a scar or joy –
a fact at which no one seemed to frown
in the lands of general linear lawn.

Author LM

Editor’s note: So called “linear algebra school of literary theory” is responsible for , what is considered among literary scholars , the best interpretation of this poem:

O autoru propupavanje

King for a day, fool for a lifetime
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