Wicked, interesting, hilarious conversation on Omegle

OMEGLE is an chat page on internet that connects you with random stranger, and then you talk with him/her/it . It can be fount here : http://omegle.com/

You: Katie?

Stranger: No. Sorry. Claire?

You: we need to talk

Stranger: You and me, or you and Katie?

You: I know about the murders Katie

You: You should turn yourself in

Stranger: Sorry. I’m looking for Claire.

You: Claire is dead, you killed her Katie

Stranger: What?! When did that happen? I’m clearly so confused……

You: there were victims Katie …

You: police is on your trail …

Stranger: Can I hide out with you?

Stranger: Or do they know about us?

You: no, they are whatching my house …

Stranger: You know I love you, right?

You: You loved George as well, but that didn’t stop you from murdering him …

Stranger: But it was all for you! Don’t you see that? I never loved George like you. Not like you……

You: well, how can I know you’re sincere?

Stranger: Let me come to you. When we make love, you’ll know its true.

You: but Katie, you know I loved Claire …

Stranger: But Claire is dead. And George is dead. There is only you and me now. And our unborn child…..

You: we talked about that, you said you’re gonna have an abortion

Stranger: I can’t. I’m morally against killing. Unborn things anyways.

Stranger: Don’t let our child grow up alone,

You: What about your mother? Does she know the child is mine?

Stranger: Don’t punish him for our mistakes

Stranger: No, I told her it was Johns. Its easier on her this way.

You: Maybe I do love you, I’m confused Katie, it’s hard …

Stranger: You do love me. I know you do. Without Claire, and George and John, its just you and me and the baby.

Stranger: We’ll run away together, and start over.

Stranger: Forget the past

You: but what about the evidence? Police found that gun Katie…

Stranger: I don’t know! We’ll just go. And change our names. To Australia maybe. Or South Africa.

You: I don’t want our child to grow up far away from our families …

Stranger: We’ll manage something. Mother is on the way out. And father’s already dead. And you don’t like your sister anyway. But we’ll figure something. As long as I have you I have everything.

Stranger: Meet me tonight. At the station. At midnight? You: Isn’t it too risky? Stranger: Come the back roads. They’ll never know. Meet me there, darling? Please?

You: ok, but be very carefull my love …

Stranger: I will, darling. i love you. See you at midnight. Under the clock.

You: under the clock my darling, I love you, and our child !

Stranger: I love you too. Its all going to be so great. Just you and me and the baby. But I must run. I may be compromised. Until midnight, darling!

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King for a day, fool for a lifetime
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